Posted On February 15, 2010

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Hi Ya’ll!
ok – so you know last Sunday I was freaking out a bit (ok a whole lot!) cause my ex MIL and her 2 sons showed up at 1 PM (I had to be out of there at Midnight) and had taken a load of the big heavy stuff to her storage unit and condo. When they left I asked if she would be back in an hour and she said yes – about that. well it got to be 7:30 PM and no sign of her and I was beginning to think that she like everyone else had deserted me too. she finally showed up at 8PM and explained she had to go to dinner at her one sons and that they (the 2 sons) only knew that she was helping me by taking a couple of boxes to store in her garage, not everything we could get of mine that I wanted. So I calmed down.We took 3 car loads full of boxes and stuff to her garage and on the last load took me and Bandit. We finished unloading everything at 11:45 PM hurting much from the effort.
The next day on Monday we took Bandit to the animal shelter (in a blizzard) to drop him off but couldn’t as it was closed for the Holiday so Mom took me back to her place so we could stay another night,. She was already late for work when we got to the shelter and driving was horrible. She ended up being an hour late to work.
The next day (Tuesday) we went back to the animal shelter, which doesn’t open till 10 AM and Bandit and I waited as Mom had to be at work at 8 AM. Luckily a man from the Enforcement Dept (which opens at 8) came up tome at about 8:30 to ask if I was dropping off the dog. Yes. I he a stray you found? Nope, he’s mine and I’m homeless and broke. So he found someone to come out and give me some paperwork to fill out and he took Bandit away. Bandit was excited to smell other doggies and cats so he was running to the back as soon as the guy took the leash and started to the back. I asked him to wait while I said goodbye and I gave Bandit a hug and got a couple of kisses from my boy and walked away with tears in my eyes. Bandit didn’t understand I wouldn’t be coming back for him.
So then I went up to Mike’s to drop off some of the stuff I had kept for me and went to the shelter after making some phone calls to give the utility companies a forwarding address and the same for the companies I need tax papers from so I can file my taxes. I had called in for the wait list at Mike’s too so I went to the Main Desk to ask what was the procedure now that I was there. They sent me up to the Men’s Dorm as soon as I said I was on the wait list not even waiting to hear my question. The men’s desk sent me back to were I was but the Intake Office, but before I left the attendant said wait for her to check were I am on the list and told me I was close and maybe would get a bed that night. So I trapse back to the original side of the building and got to the Intake Office. The woman at that desk tells me to wait while she looks me up to see where I am on the list and tells me the same thing- I am close and may get a room tonight – come back to the office at 5PM to see if they call my name – it they do I have a room, this is something they don’t tell people over the phone so surprized me. It looked to me that I was 2nd on the list, but actually I was 6th. Come 5 PM I’m sitting in the office and they announce they have 4 beds open that night. the first 3 people called weren’t there (score!) the 4th one was, the 5th wasn’t and then they called me!!! Woo Hoo I got a bed the first night I needed one.
The bed is right in the same building as the offices so I went and got some sandwiches ( the only thing left for supper) and went to check in and find my bed. The facilities have a huge room with about 200 – 225 beds in it and 3 smaller rooms for those medically unable to get around easily or under continuing medical care that is more than prescriptions and way in the back, far far in the back is another smaller room with 28 beds (bunk beds throughout the facility) in it. I got as bed (lower bunk) in that room. The guys mostly seem mostly ok. But we have 2 self talkers in there, one an angry racist self talker. The rest are for the most part friendly, don’t know how much I can trust apperences.
We do not get breakfast but on weekdays get lunch at 11:30 – a hot meal with an over abundance of bread and cakish desserts and juice or milk and supper is at 4:30 every day – soup and a sandwich with an overabundance of bred and cakish desserts again – you can get 2nd, 3rds, 4ths as much as you want and weall take stuff back to the dorm cause 4:30 is way too damn early for supper – even I ain’t that old yet LOL. On weekend lunch is actually brunc both days at 9:30 on Saturday in the normal place and on Sunday is outside a few blocks away under a highway bridge over the city street. Spent 2.5 hours waiting there for it in 30 degree weather and froze my you-know-what off. Breakfast/brunch on Sunday is the best meal all week – eggs, potatoes, ham, gravy. pancakes, syrup, fruit slices, and again cakish desserts.
So there are 344 men in the dorm, women are in a separate dorm and families with children in a 3rd dorm. Married without children people have to separate into the men’s and women’s dorms. We have 20 shower spaces (only 10 have soap holders) 6 urinals, 10 sit down toilets (without stall doors) and 10 sinks in the bathroom.
My first night in the shelter I went to check out the shower. There was a guy sitting in the bench room(where you leave your clothes and towels) sitting on the edge of the bench closest to the shower room, fully dressed, reading a newspaper. I took about 15 minutes to get my stuff together to take a shower and went in – he was still there. The 2 guys taking a shower left – 3 more came in to take showers, I got out of the shower and got dressed as did those new 3 and 3 more came in to replace us all. the newspaper guy was still there – and we all took slow showers. I mentioned this to my bunkroom mates. Guess what he was doing? I am SO naive!! I thought he was security put there to watch nothing gets stolen, nope – he was watching something very different!
We have a standard high school locker each for our stuff and it is amazing how much stuff some people have in them.
This life is very much about “hurry up and wait in line for everything” – bus tokens (1 each day), meals, to check in, to get medical care. I am not really griping as I need it all and it is free, but it all takes away time from doing what is really important – which is to apply for jobs.
So far I have done it at the library – but we only get 2 1 hour sessions per day each of which can be extended 10 minutes twice if no one is waiting to use the computer, which gives me just enough time to get 2 apps out a day with the problem I am having – my resume is written in Word Documents but the library computer changes it over to OpenOffice/writer which is not then downloadable to the apps on line so I am wasting time cut and pasting to the apps. OH well.
So my week was spent getting used to all of this and learning my way around on our Trax system (think a much smaller NY subway system). Tomorrow I go to the free clinic to see if I can get my RX drugs (including the controlled substance ones) and then to apply for more jobs.
I come home every night very tired and sore from all the walking without my meds and fall asleep about 9:30 – we get lights out at 10 PM and lights on at 6 AM; we have to be out of the dorms at 7:15 AM and can not check back in until 4:30 PM. I am waking up at 5:40 AM every day. the bunkbeds are singles with a 2 inch foam pad on a steel box, no pillow, very uncomfortable especially with my med problms and without my pain and nerve meds. Oh well.

Well I have to trax back to the shelter soon to stand in line for supper so I’ll stop for now – will try to write once a week when I can get over to Mike’s and have the proper time on the computer. Thank Mike everyone OK?

see ya next week


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